NEW MORNING FILMS is a new independent sales company based in Paris, France.

It is handled by Germain Labeille who formerly managed Albany Films International after working at Rezo and Jour2Fete, a French quality Art House distributor.

NMF‘s editorial line is dedicated to the promotion of upscale Art House and Indie Films by gifted and promising directors.

In order to build up a close and transparent work relationship with the producers and directors, our catalogue will privilege quality over quantity with no more than six films a year.

Besides Berlin and Cannes, the company will attend key markets and festivals including Warsaw and Thessaloniki to seek out rising talents.

NMF‘s ultimate goal is to make use of all means of communication and innovative networks to stimulate emerging talents and optimise film visibility.

Too many outstanding films remain unknown to a large public, always eager to take a fresh look at the world.