Good to go

Good to go Good to go Good to go Good to go Good to go

Status : Completed

Original title : Srečen Za Umret

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Directed by : Matevž Luzar

Cast : Evgen Car, Milena Zupančič, Vladimir Vlaškalič, Ivo Ban, Janja Majzelj, Juta Kremžar, Dare Valič, Ivo Barišič, Dušan Jovanović, Jette Ostan Vejrup


Ivan is a retired music teacher in his late 70s, and has grown weary of life. He buys himself a plot in a graveyard with an unrivalled view of the Alps and checks into a retirement home, so he can wait for his death in peace. However, the exact opposite happens: at computer classes, he discovers his joie-de-vivre and finally starts to live.

Produced by : Diego Zanco, Tina Fras (PAKT MEDIA)

Year : 2012

Nationality : Slovenia, Croatia

Language : Slovenian

Length : 100 min

Screening : DCP


  • Slovene Film Festival (Sept 2012): Best Picture, Audience Award, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Sound.
  • Mumbai Film Festival (Nov 2013): The Silver Gateway of India trophy for Second Best Film


  • Slovenian Film Festival Slovenia in competition (6 awards) (Sept 2012)
  • Pula International Film Festival Croatia in competition (July 2013)
  • LET’S CEE Film Festival Vienna Austria highlights selection (Sept 2103)
  • Prishtina International Film Festival Kosovo in competition (Sept 2013)
  • Filmfest Hamburg Germany in competition nominated for NDR Young Talent Award (Sept 2013)
  • Mumbai Film Festival in competition (Nov 2013)