Little Crushes

Little Crushes Little Crushes Little Crushes Little Crushes Little Crushes Little Crushes

Status : Completed

Original title : MAŁE STŁUCZKI

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Directed by : Aleksandra Gowin & Ireneusz Grzyb

Cast : Helena Sujecka, Agnieszka Pawelkiewicz, Szymon Czacki


Little Crushes takes us into the lives of three young adults looking for solidarity, love and independence. Kasia and Asia share an apartment, a car and a job: clearing out the houses of the recently deceased and selling the treasures they find at a second-hand market. Peter works in a factory screwing lids onto jars, but ends up on the street. He is still struggling with his recent divorce and a mother who isn’t exactly the most stable person on earth.
When the girls ask him to help out with their ‘two-person business’, he needs no second bidding. He quickly falls for Asia, but this disrupts the balance of the brand-new friendship between the three; it turns out Kasia is also in love…

Mumblecore from Poland? This fresh-faced auteur film may not tick all the genre boxes, but it makes a lot of nods in that direction. The natural dialogues, dry humour and delicate singer-songwriter music from Polish band Enchanted Hunters make a comparable, natural impression.

Rotterdam Int. Film Festival

Little Crushes is a film about the beauty in everyday simplicity.

Göteborg International Film Festival 2015

Produced by : Agnieszka Dziedzic & Jakub Burakiewicz: Koi Studio

Year : 2014

Nationality : Poland

Language : Polish

Length : 78'

Screening : DCP


  • Napoli International Film Festival: Vesuvio Award, Augustus Color Award & Asit News Award
  • KinoPolska Paris: Audience Award


  • Rotterdam International Film Festival: Bright Future 2014
  • East End Film Festival 2014
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2014
  • Cottbus IFF 2014
  • Göteborg International Film Festival 2015/ New Voices Section