Rafael Lewandowski (Minkowski | Saga)

Posted on January 24, 2014

Rafael LEWANDOWSKI was born in 1969 to a French mother and a Polish father.  He graduated in Film Directing from La fémis in Paris. After directing several short films, he began working on documentaries: Cela, A Shadowed Gaze, Hearings, Children of Solidarność… While working on these films, which deal with the relationship between the individual and memory, Rafael LEWANDOWSKI collected for the USC Shoah Foundation (created by Steven SPIELBERG) over a hundred testimonies of former deportees, partisans and children hidden during the war. He devoted several other films to artistic creation (Don Giovanni; behind the scenes, The Art of Silence) and he realized projects for Cinquième, ARTE and Canal + Poland.

His documentaries have been selected and distinguished at a number of film festivals.  After receiving numerous awards worldwide, his first feature film The Mole (original title: Kret) was released in a few countries around the world (Poland, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary…). Rafael LEWANDOWSKI currently lives in Warsaw. He develops new feature film projects.

Selected Filmography:

1996: Cela [tsela] – documentary

1999: A Shadowed Gaze – documentary

2000: Hearings – documentary

2003: Don Giovanni; behind the scenes – documentary

2006: Children of Solidarność – documentary

2008: The Art of Silence – documentary

2010: Bye Bye Dublin! – documentary

2011: The Mole – feature film